Free Facebook Chatbot Ecommerce Store Management Tool

Senang Chat mainly is a highly interactive Messenger bot with Flow Builder— a visual Drag & Drop Messenger BOT Editor. Because of the Flow Builder, building Messenger Bot becomes remarkably simple and surprisingly easy.

Humanlike Interactive chatbot

Senang Chat's messenger bot can converse with your customers like humans. It can store information and use them to make the conversation more engaging.

Effective Social-media Marketing

Senang Chat has sturdy features to do marketing your products via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and so on— publishing posts and replying to comments.

Full-featured Ecommerce Platform

ChatPion’s Ecommerce store can be opened on Messenger and the browser. It can sell your products automatically to the clients and take payments from them.

Messenger chatbot

Setup messenger bot for replying 24/7 with visual flow builder.

Comment reply

Template, hide/delete offensive comment, keyword based reply, generic reply to Facebook pages posts comment.

Social poster

Instant/schedule posting on social medias.

how it works

How does this app work?

Few steps to connect your Facebook & Instagram account and make this app work.

Connect Facebook account is just few clicks easy. clicking `login with facebook` button will prompt you to allow access to import your Facebook & Instagram account and enable bot for page and you are ready to go.
You can comment your own post one time or multiple times. you can save your comments as template and use it whenever you want. perodic posting feature will allow you to comment randomly or serially taking content from template in a frequent manner and start-end time interval.
Reply automatically your Facebook post based on comment content. you can also hide/delete any offensive comments. you can save your replies as template and use it whenever you want.
You can set messenger bot with visual flow builder beside classic builder, so your messenger will work 24/7 automatically.
Just create text/image/video/link content you want to post. now post it or schedule it to post later. you can also set scheduled periodic post to post same content periodically.

Apps screenshot

Here are some screenshots of how it looks. see the amazing shots and enjoy.

Messenger bot

The messenger bot of ChatPion can talk to users 24/7. It can reply with text, image, video, GIF, post back button, quick reply, Generic template, and carousel template.

Comment automation tools

Facebook Comment automation and Instagram comment automation can mainly make auto comment and auto comment reply under posts. Also, they can delete and hide abusive comments and do many other things.


Broadcasting can do Email and SMS marketing. That is, it can send bulk Emails and SMS to customers Email and phone numbers automatically.

Ecommerce Store

It is a full-featured Ecommerce platform. It could be run on both Messenger and browser. With this feature, clients can buy products and make payments easily.

Social Posting

Social Posting can publish and schedule multimedia posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. Besides, it can re-publish the same post over and over again.

Instagram Posting

Like Social Posting, Instagram Posting can publish and schedule image and video posts on Instagram. Of course, it can re-publish the same post over and over again.

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